Esprit de Corps:

the spirit of pride within a business that makes the members want the Group to succeed
Flowtech Employee
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Flowtech Employee

The Group today employs 229 people through its five locations across three countries.

In order to gain a deeper insight into inter-departmental communications, enhance customer satisfaction (both internal and external) and to augment teamwork, Flowtechnology UK introduced its Esprit de Corps initiative – an integrated communications programme with the objective of creating a seamless process of efficient and transparent communications, which both exceed expectations and deliver greater efficiencies within the organisation.

Incorporating an annual "Continual Development Survey", Esprit de Corps has been developed to encompass all departments and instil a culture of passion for continually being proficient in everything the Group undertakes. This approach ensures the programme has become embedded into the fabric of the business and that each department is given a "voice" to enhance operational efficiency.

Learning & Development

The business has a clearly articulated vision for the future and invests in learning and development initiatives for its workforce. It has introduced a range of training programmes for the benefit of its employees including communication based NLP principles; upskilling employees on product and technical awareness and education in Health & Safety best practice.

Reward and Recognition

Flowtech has built an excellent reputation for its employee relations based on its reward and recognition schemes for existing staff members, which it also offers to attract high calibre new employees. Every employee has the opportunity to achieve additional bonus payments based on positive operational results and many have also benefitted from receiving share options in the Group. Flowtech also records its appreciation for those members of staff who achieve perfect attendance and recognises performances which are "over and above the call of duty" by rewarding such efforts with an "Employee of the Month" award.