The strategy for growth - our future ahead

The Group has a clear view of its growth objectives – to create a specialist fluid power organisation that remains focused on its core competencies whilst servicing the varied industrial and manufacturing sectors through its delivery of 'class leading' service and support. Our long term growth model is based on both organic growth coupled with complementary acquisitions in a very fragmented marketplace.

This will be achieved through:

Sean Fennon
We have a clear view of our objectives - to create a specialist fluid power organisation that remains focused on its core competencies

Sean Fennon

Chief Executive Officer

Bryce Brooks
Whilst cost control will be paramount, the Group will continue to invest as appropriate in the necessary resources to support its growth strategy

Bryce Brooks

Chief Financial Officer

Paul Watson
Our product development programme and stock investment gives the business strength and depth, guaranteeing choice and availability at all times to our customers

Paul Watson

Marketing Director

Brand positioning

  • Brand and the ability to maintain and build a reputation is critical to the long term development of the Group. Not only is this related to product but also to the operating units themselves such as our core "Flowtechnology" brand in distribution services and "Vitassem" in hose assembly and tube manipulation.
  • Product brand expansion has been fundamental to the Group's progress, with the formulated approach to product placement and development to be expanded across the business units.
  • As part of any acquisition process, brand and reputation will be paramount with the intention to maintain any local company branding and build on its existing position.

Market share growth

To maintain the growth strategy, the overall service that is delivered to the market needs to continually develop, creating an integrated service offer which is linked to both customer needs and to industry requirements:

  • Wider product offer – continued development to align to market requirements and more technical content within the core product groups.
  • Technical Support – focused approach to increase reference data through the online platform as well as internal support.
  • Training – programmes designed to develop expertise, improve the overall customer experience and develop a culture of customer support.
  • Accreditation – delivering "excellence" to the fluid power marketplace requires the business to continually revisit its processes and ensure that it has full accreditation for the products and services it delivers.

New products

Having over recent years successfully introduced new hydraulic and industrial hosing ranges to its pneumatics focused product offer, further development will support our market position as a one-stop shop supplier of fluid power products. The ongoing expansion of ranges will see the Group capture a greater percentage of current customer spend and also open up new business opportunities in the wider market.


Linked directly to the need to optimise the product offering, the business nurtures its relationships with its OEM suppliers whilst developing its complementary Exclusive Brands; this process has been accelerated with the creation of a sourcing team based in the Far East, which will be extended as the business grows.

Added value services

As part of the business development programme, new added-value services are being introduced to complement the Group's product ranges.

  • Hose assembly and tube manipulation
  • Power packs
  • Web system integration
  • Contract sourcing
  • Training
  • Technical support and design

Acquisition and geographical expansion

  • The Group has an acquisition strategy with a clear focus – complementary fluid power businesses operating in specific channels. Commercially independent operations delivering quality customer service at all times.
  • Primary Fluid Power added a significant distribution operation and new technical capabilities in design and assembly of hydraulic systems and purifiers, which are complemented by a service and repair function. Primary has an established reputation and a customer base which is extensive and varied.
  • The Directors believe that the Flowtechnology model can be replicated outside of the UK and this has been evidenced by the recent restructuring of the Benelux operation. This created a blueprint for the implementation of a process driven sales and service operation. In addition, our growing presence in China is ideally positioned to be used as a hub from which to potentially supply Exclusive Brands to fast growing economies around the world.